New Contemporaries

Thank you all for coming, what was so nice to see old friends and new! Great work throughout the gallery and the Tiki Patio…


Very excited to announce that I’ve been nominated for the San Diego Art Prize’s New Contemporaries.
A show featuring work by all the nominees will open at basileIE + CMCuratorial June 10th and run through August 5th.
More info at San Diego Visual Arts Network



  1. Lili Tanner

    Congratulations and good luck on winning! I’ll sure root for you, gopferdelli!

  2. I have been collaborating with Alex for many years. A great artist. A great soul. Been a great honor. A blessing. Much Peace and love. Tony Kaye

  3. G.E.McClane

    I must say, Alex, that I can’t stop ruminating over your work. I keep going back again and again to the moment when I tilted my head to the side, slightly leaned over, and peered closely through the sliced velum, & suddenly realized that the figures were actually drawn and not photographic manipulation. It was jolting.

    I didn’t believe it, and so I moved to the right and did likewise with another set of stuttered letters.


    Then, I stepped back and saw the work with a new set of eyes.

    It’s like no piece I’ve ever seen. Truly magnificent.

    Thank you again for your gracious invitation & for the privilege of allowing my wife & me to drink it in, Alex. I will never forget the experience.


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