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c.1600, from French densité (16c.), from Old French dempsité (13c.), from Latin densitas “thickness,” from densus “thick, dense” (see dense ). 
1. The state or quality of being dense; compactness; closely set or crowded condition.
Opening Friday June 30th, 6pm
Closes July 2nd
Writer’s Ink, 2730 Historic Decatur Rd, Suite 202 (The Ink Spot in Liberty Station)
San Diego, California, CA 92106
Featuring works by: Chris Bennett, Bryan & Ryan, Daniel Barron Corrales, Joey Edwards, Yasmine Kasem, Alexander Kohnke, Bob Matheny, Alexis Negron, Jackson Payne, Don Porcella, Melissa Walter, Shawn Wickens and Jeremy Zierau
Installation by: Scott Nielsen & Steve Flato
Performances by: John Krausbauer, Rachel Michelle Fernandes, Sam Ashley, M A L U, IIE, Necking + More TBA
Video by: Nick Lesley, Rachel Fernandes + More TBA